Tent Seam Sealing

Step 1:

Apply Seam Grip® Seam Sealer & Outdoor Repair to the inside of the perimeter floor seam; this seam is often not taped at the factory. Draw seam sealer across threads and under folds. For 2 hour cure time, mix Seam Grip with Cotol-240TM before applying. Allow tent to dry overnight before using or storing.

Step 2:

Use Seam Grip® to seal areas that regularly leak, such as stake-out points at corners.

Step 3:

After years of service, seam tape on tents and outerwear can peel or pucker and the seam will begin to leak. If a small section has peeled, use Seam Grip® to re-attach it. If the tape seems to be failing everywhere, remove and discard it, then clean the seams with rubbing alcohol and re-seal with Seam Grip or Seam SureTM.

Step 4:

Seam SureTM Water Based Seam Sealer is the easiest formula to use on large family style tents. Apply Seam Sure as you would Seam Grip. Once dry, Seam Sure is nearly invisible.

Step 5:

To seal the seams on your rainfly, set it up inside-out for easier application. Attach the rainfly to the tent so all seams are taut.

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