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Prep First to Make Repairs Last

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  • Some things are made for each other. Like a ball game, a hot dog and a beer. Or Cotol-240™ Cleaner & Cure Accelerator and Seam Grip®. Cotol-240 improves your gear repairs by cleaning the surface and prepping it for any of our urethane adhesives. It speeds glue dry time, too. Tack in 15 minutes; full cure in under two hours. Perfect with Aquaseal® or Freesole®, too.

    Gear Aid’s Cotol-240 Cleaner & Cure Accelerator is step #1 when repairing waders, camping gear, tents, boots and shoes. Not only does this surface cleaner accelerate adhesive cure time, but this amazing solvent also removes tar, sap, glue and other sticky messes from all kinds of surfaces, from glass to metal, fabric to plastic.

    Why sit around and wait for your urethane adhesive to dry? Accelerate it with Cotol-240.

    • Urethane adhesive cure accelerator
    • Removes tar, sap, glue and other resins
    • Works on glass, plastic and metal
    • Speeds tack time to 15 minutes
    • Speeds cure time to less than two hours
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