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Max Wax™

Maximum Protection For All Types of Zippers

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Item #28115
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  • When zippers stick, you can really get in a jam—and forcing the issue usually ends in a zipper repair. Lubricating zippers is a better way to go, especially when it’s as easy as using Max Wax™ by M Essentials™.

    Max Wax stick zipper lubricant is ideal for protecting all kinds of zippers from getting stuck. Just glide it along metal zippers, plastic zippers, wetsuit zippers, boat zippers and luggage zippers. In fact, there aren’t many zippers that won’t benefit from the silicone-free lubricant in Max Wax. It works in all water temperatures and the most extreme weather conditions.

    A stiff, stuck zipper is a useless zipper. Keep them sliding like they should with M Essentials Max Wax.

    • Silicone-free zipper lubricant in solid stick form
    • Prevents zipper jamming and costly zipper repairs
    • Works in all water temperatures and conditions
    • Non-toxic, non-staining formula
    • Ideal for metal zippers, plastic zippers, wetsuit zippers, boat zippers, luggage zippers and more
    • Contains no beeswax or paraffin
    • Prolongs zipper life
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