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Water Treatment Drops

Stay Healthy Anywhere With Lightweight Water Purification

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  • When you’re far from civilization, the water can contain Giardia, bacteria, Crypto—all kinds of nasty little buggers that can make you sick. Instead of wondering whether water is safe to drink, make it so with Water Treatment Drops by Aquamira®.

    Aquamira's Water Treatment Drops are perfect for the clean water you need on longer trips or when treating water for groups. This effective water treatment system is compact and lightweight—so toss it in your pack or pocket, and you’ll always have access to clean drinking water. Water Treatment Drops are colorless, odorless and make water taste better.

    So don’t let bad water get in the way of your greatest adventures. Include Aquamira's Water Treatment Drops in your gear list to treat water fast—and avoid the cramping, nausea and illness that can stop you in your tracks.

    Water Treatment Drops by Aquamira: Preferred by backcountry travelers, instructors and guides since 1999.

    • EPA-registered chlorine dioxide water treatment system
    • Liquid drops treat up to 30 gallons of water
    • Small and portable size
    • Improves the taste of treated water
    • Perfect for emergency kits, foreign travel, backcountry and outdoor activities
    • Kills waterborne pathogens better than iodine or chlorine
    • Made in USA
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      So long, heavy filter!

      Having abandoned iodine tablets in favor of a filter decades ago, I just figured that as long as filters got lighter and lighter, things would be fine. Unfortunately, they also break or fail occasionally. Even well built ones can fail at any moment, and usually the most inopportune moment at that. They also take up space, are relatively heavy, can drip into your pack, and must be maintained regularly. And then I read about Aquamira.

      I read up on the product and it seemed like the perfect solution. Take as much as you need; no failures and lightweight. On a recent week-long trip into the Olympics, I used this product exclusively and loved it. The rundown:
      No off flavor
      Easy to use. Just mix the two liquids together.
      VERY little amount of product required per liter, so less to carry throughout trip.
      Kills almost all baddies.

      Two bottles to carry (three if premixing on longer trip; see below).
      Must wait 5 minutes after mixing for reaction.
      Must wait 30 minutes after adding to water before drinking.

      For me, the pros far outweigh the cons. I use a 2L hydration sleeve and carry an extra 1L Platypus collapsible bottle. Did all of the mixing in the Platypus, then added to hydration sleeve. I have read of people premixing the solution and using it for up to a day or two, although I have not tried that. As for the 30 minute wait to drink, I usually just guzzled water before hitting the trail again, then after 30 minutes of walking, drained the soft bottle into the sleeve. So, with some forethought, it's possible to try and time your breaks so that you never carry more than 1L. I tend to move fast and take regular snack breaks, so this works fine for me in normal conditions.

      This was a big part of my move to packing lighter and therefore moving quickly. I do wish it worked faster and could come premixed, but chemistry just needs time to do its thing, I suppose. A staple in my pack.

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