Maintaining Your Down Outerwear

Step 1:

Prior to washing, apply cleaner directly to heavily soiled areas. Close all zippers and Velcro® tabs.


Step 2:

Fill sink or tub with just enough warm water to submerge item; add ReviveX Down Cleaner. Compress item to remove air and place in water.


Step 3:

Rinse item repeatedly until water runs clear (at least 3 times). Gently compress or roll item (do not wring) to expel water.


Step 4:

Place item in washing machine for 2 spin cycles to remove excess water before drying.


Step 5:

Before drying, apply ReviveX Spray-On Water Repellent to the outer shell fabric. Apply liberally to shoulders, cuffs and zipper areas. Dry garment by itself in a large dryer (it needs room to tumble freely). Use heat setting recommended by garment care label (medium heat if possible).



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