How to Seam Seal Your Tent

You’re lying in your little oasis of a tent during a rain storm only to feel a drop fall onto your face, followed by several more drops. You look up and notice the seam tape is starting to peel, and you’ve got water leaking in. Lame.

When it comes time to seam seal your tent, Seam Grip® is the go-to adhesive. Since the mid-1980s Seam Grip has been sealing seams and fixing tents all around the globe

To seal the seams on your tent you’ll just need some tape, some rubbing alcohol, and some Seam Grip. 

Take a look at the seams on your tent or tent fly, does it have seam tape? Is it peeling? If the seam tape is only peeling a little bit, go ahead and leave it. If the seam tape is completely detached and falling off, you’ll want to peel it off completely. Whichever way you decide, you’ll also need to clean the area. 

Use some isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol to clean the seams. If you decided to leave the seam tape in place, try to clean underneath the peeling tape. Then apply a tape barrier on each side of your seam. You should have a space of ¼ to ½ inch on either side of the seam. Apply Seam Grip over the seam (in between your tape barrier). If you’re gluing over the top of the seam tape, be sure to get a little bit underneath of the tape so that it sticks. If the seam tape has been removed, float Seam Grip over the entire seam.


Let the glue set up for 30-45 minutes and then remove the barrier tape. Allow the glue to cure completely (8-12 hours depending upon the repair). Once dry, you may experience a slight surface tack. Use talcum or baby powder to alleviate any tackiness once completely dry.



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