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  • ReviveX® Wash-In Waterproofing  8oz
  • ReviveX® Wash-In Waterproofing
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ReviveX® Wash-In Waterproofing

Restore DWR; Waterproof Fabrics and Outdoor Gear

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  • If you’re looking for a longer lasting, eco-friendly, DWR-restoring water repellent that even works on duck cloth and fleece, search no farther! One treatment with ReviveX® Wash-In Waterproofing by Gear Aid® creates and restores water repellency all season long. 

    ReviveX Wash-In Waterproofing is a highly-concentrated formula with twice as many applications as other wash-ins. Just pre-wash with ReviveX Pro Cleaner, add one ounce to your sink or washing machine and tumble dry. It'll add a protective layer to fight the elements, without impacting breathability. You'll be extending the life of your favorite Carhartt® workwear, rain gear, fleece, or other garments. Plus, it's fluorine free and guaranteed to perform. 

    Who says you have to sacrifice performance for sustainability? We don't!


    • Eco-friendly, fluorine free, wash-in waterproofing
    • Create or restore DWR on jackets, pants, jeans, hoodies, gloves or hats
    • Adds water repellency to synthetic, natural and waterproof-breathable fabrics, including GORE-TEX®
    • Best when used with ReviveX Pro Cleaner or ReviveX Down Cleaner
    • Wash-in directions allow for most concentrated application
    • Concentrated water repellent treats twice as many garments as other formulas
    • Long lasting formula restores water repellency all season long
    • Guaranteed to perform
    • Made in USA
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