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Signal Towel

Multifunctional Aerial Signal Device

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  • In a survival or rescue scenario an aerial signal device is your best hope of escaping danger. Typical emergency signals like the VS panel are bulky, heavy and take up too much space in packs or rucksacks. When you need a lightweight and multifunctional emergency signal device, turn to the Signal Towel by McNett® Tactical.

    When not being used as aerial markers, Our Towels are Tools™ and also serve as emergency blankets, wind blocks, sun shades, cleaning cloths or slings. Featuring a bright safety orange signaling panel and eight sewn grommets for tie-downs, this high-visibility signal marker can be attached to tanks, vehicles and rucksacks for easy identification by airborne or ground search teams.

    Emergency situation or not, the Signal Towel by McNett Tactical is one signal device worth packing.

    Our Towels Are Tools™

    • Alternative Aerial Signal Device Features 24’’ x 24’’ Emergency Signal Panel
    • Our Towels are Tools™: Wind Block, Sun Shade, Sling, Shemagh, VS Panel, Blanket
    • Antimicrobial Silver Ions Inhibit the Growth of Odor Causing Bacteria
    • Absorbent Towel Soaks Up Large Volumes of Liquid
    • Quick Drying Microfiber Fabric Dries Faster Than Standard Towels Inhibiting Odors
    • Includes High Visibility Storage Bag with Reflective Stripes and Loops Compatible with ¾’’ Buckles and 1’’ Straps
    • Storage Bag Features Wet/Dry Storage and Quiet Zippers
    • Lightweight and Ultra Compact
    • Patented Sewn Grommets for Tie Downs
    • Snap Loop with Enlarged Name Tag Attaches to Clothing, Gear or Equipment
    • Gently Removes Oil, Dirt and Perspiration from Hands, Face and Body
    • Available in Extra-Large (35’’ x 62’’)
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