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Tactical/Utility Knife

The Essential Piece of Tactical Gear

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  • A high-quality tactical knife can be an indispensable piece of gear when you’re out in the field. Make sure you have the Utility Knife by McNett® Tactical. The quick-release KYDEX® sheath easily attaches to boots, belts or MOLLE systems ensuring you always have a knife handy. The butt-end glass breaker makes this a great rescue knife as well. Available as a blunt tip or stiletto tip knife, the blade features corrosion-resistant 420 stainless steel and completely disassembles for easy cleaning.

    You never know when you’ll need to cut your way out of a sticky situation. So make sure you add a Utility Knife by McNett Tactical to your must-have tactical gear.

    • High Quality Tactical Knife
    • Corrosion-Resistant 420 Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife
    • Quick Release KYDEX® Sheath
    • Mounts to Leg, Boot, Belt and MOLLE Systems
    • Completely Disassembles for Easy Cleaning
    • Includes Butt-End Glass Breaker
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      Good but...

      I bought this to carry as a small fixed blade knife. I think the size is perfect for my needs and carries well and comfortable on my hip and pocket. My main dislike is the retaining tab on the sheath. I have to manually press the sheath tab behind the handle in order to disengage the knife, which is sketchy because of the amount of force needed to pull the blade out, which is wicked sharp, or do a two handed operation to get the knife and pulling my pants up to chest trying to muscle it out. I cut down the retaining dimple to almost nothing in order to safely remove the knife one handed and still be able to the knife locked. I would also like some other handle options like a nice wood handle set, defeats the tactical look but oh well. Other than that it's a solid cutter.

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      Extremely sharp & easy to take apart to clean

      My wife collects case knives and they are sharp but nothing like this knife it's very sharp and can be attached to a belt or to you molle webbing, there is a screw at the bottom you take out then run the plastic through the molle webbing and put the screw back in.

      It's also great for skinning any game just run the groove on the skin and pull nice and steady it cuts with very little effort, you will love this well thought out knife.

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      This is not a pocket knife!

      This knife is designed to be easy to take down to clean & lubricate, it is perfect for attaching to molle webbing and with a knife that attaches to your plate carrier or belt you want it to have a strong retention system like the sheath on this system.

      I have no problem pulling this knife out with one hand as it's mounted on my right 6x8" level 3 plate pocket molle webbing. It's stiff but if a woman with less hand strength than men can do it I'm sure the guys can do it, my husband has one of these on his carrier too.

      It's extremely sharp & will skin a dear with ease due to the sharp gut hook or it can be used to cut a seat belt with ease, it has a very effective glass breaker too as I've tested it on both seat belts & car glass.

      We've field dressed and cut several deer with these knives and it's still just as sharp as the day we received it and not a scratch on it so the blade is very hard but not too brittle or we would have had issues with it since we use them.

      My husband likes to cut his steak with his especially deer steaks & new York strips, I have a large knife collection while my husband has a large gun collection but I know knives & this is my favorite and would have expected to pay closer to $80 for a knife like this. I have several custom knives & specialty knives from $100 to $500.

      Like I said super sharp, versatile & the price is misleading but I'm not complaining :) and my weak hands can grip the knife & push the release one handed but it is firm which is what you want out of a tactical knife, you want it still there after crawling through mud, or brush, jumping obstacles so yes the release on the sheath is firm.

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      Had to buy another one, just too high quality & low priced

      I figured since I bought another I'll leave an update on what I've done with one of the knives, I lashed it to a pole with wet leather strips & have been practicing throwing it into a 1" thick 2' around tree slice as it makes an excellent hunting weapon or self defense weapon.

      I've become quite proficient with it and am hitting a 6" circle at 20' with great consistency & the knife is like a rock it doesn't flinch or show signs of wear or damage.

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